ASR Consulting, LLC is a specialized, psychosocial research company that brings innovative, data-driven solutions to a range of challenges in the commercial and government sectors. It seeks to  combine the best of research, analytics, operations and academia.


Recent projects have included strategic communications campaigns, audience-message alignment, behavioral change initiatives, targeted aid and assistance programs, and projects to assist in countering violent extremism. ASR Consulting, LLC draws on an international network of research professionals, subject matter experts and field teams, and is located in Washington, DC.


ASR Consulting, LLC is led by Dr Andrew Ritcheson DPhil(Oxon), CPsychol, CSci, PMP.  He is an experienced Consulting Psychologist with over a decade's experience in clinical, business, military and government settings. He specializes in advanced research design and implementation, complex modeling and statistical analysis, social and organizational psychology, operational and applied research. His work in psychosocial research has contributed critically to initiatives around the world from counter-extremism to electoral polling and campaign strategy.